Green Educator Course News – Participants Perspective

Green Educator Course:A Participants Perspective

Since 2013, Green School has been offering their Green Educator Course to hundreds of participants from across the world. As a former participant, I would like to highlight strengths of the program from the perspective of someone who has recently completed a five-day workshop.

The wide concept of ‘sustainability’ is woven into every stream of learning at Green School, and the Green Educator course provides a way to examine the philosophy in practice. Each day and evening of the program is full of unique, engaging and useful material. Every component of the course is well thought-out and uses time wisely.The material covers a wide range of topics; curriculum and pedagogy development, classroom projects, examples of activity implementation in various disciplines (such as English and math), personal and professional development. There are diverse methods in how the material is delivered; there are workshops, presentations (from community members, teachers, and students), large and small group activities and projects, and one-on-one conversations with Green School faculty and staff.

One of the biggest strengths of the Green Educator course is that it brings together educators, administrators and local community members with interests in progressing education in our changing environmental, social, and economic global landscape.  The program provides opportunities to not only learn from what Green School has to offer, but creates a platform to explore, share and expand your own ideas with others. Learning is a collaborative process between Green School and the participants. Networking with other teachers and community members leads to continued support and idea-sharing after the course ends.

The Green Educator course also is a ‘hub’ for sharing tools, strategies, and resources with one another and takes into consideration multiple views of ‘education’ and the partners who are involved; teachers, administrators, parents, students, community members. Green School is an establishment that continually makes strides to collaborate and foster a relationship with the local Balinese community and there is an expanding, thoughtful focus on relationships and idea-sharing with the greater Indonesian community (inside and outside of the island).

In the other hand, Green School is an ideal place to experience the bridge between sustainability and education. Green School is situated in nature - a true experiential learning opportunity through the physical place of Green School that sparks conversation about how this type of education can be achieved in other settings (i.e. urban cities, places without this type of access to nature); and what different types of sustainability education look like in other places.  - Annie Montague