Green Educator Course News: From participant’s lens

Education for Sustainability Taking Important Role in Renewable Energy Project

From Participant’s Lens

2 November 2017

I am not a teacher nor an educator and I had little interest in education until I heard about Green School.

My name is Widia Lestari and I’m from West Sumatera, Indonesia. I’m very glad to get the scholarship to participate in Green Educator Course (GEC) at Green School Bali in October 2017.

Currently, I’m working on a renewable energy project in West Java and North Maluku,  Indonesia with researchers from universities in Australia and Indonesia.  The project identifies community-based renewable energy projects in the context of sustainable development in Indonesia. The project’s concerns are not only on the technical issues but also on the social and economic issues related to the provision of renewable energy in Indonesia.

Going forward, the project will move to the implementation stage and I see the necessity to incorporate education into it. The implementation requires the introduction of the project and a transfer of knowledge to the local community. Therefore, I would like to learn the Green School Way, which is well known for its out-of-the-box methods to educate for sustainability to various target groups.

With these expectations in mind, I flew to Bali and joined the one-week course held in the beautiful, wall-less, entirely made of bamboo school from 16-20 October 2017. As a participant with no teaching background nor representing any school, I felt nervous.  Surprisingly, after meeting the GEC team and other participants, I felt welcomed. The GEC was an impressive course. All sessions were very stimulating and the topics ranged widely from permaculture (Seeds to Table program and Kul Kul Farm), sustainable transportation (Biobus), waste management and recycling solutions (Kembali), and the Compass Model.

The best impression about the Green Educator Course was that I had a chance to learn about the Green School Way which is an extraordinary educating method that enables all participants to actively engage and involve in every session. The Green School uses the Applied Learning, the teaching methods that engage students with the topics so their learning experiences become meaningful and relevant to real-world practices.  

Besides, I also had a heart-warming experience at the Green Educator Course as I met many inspiring young participants who were still on their 20s or 30s but had made significant impacts on the education field. I was surprised to find their great teaching work all over Indonesia yet they were very humble and willing to learn. Through the Green Educator Course, I did not only learn new innovative educating methods, but also make connections and build networks with these inspiring people. I think I just found a new family in this beautiful island.

I had gained priceless lessons on how to incorporate sustainability into education and also daily life. At the very least, I learned that students should be more engaged with nature because they could learn a whole lot of things from the surrounding environment. This simple lesson I got from the course is very different from the majority of educational systems in Indonesia, which heavily focuses on textbooks and exams and limits students interaction with the surrounding environment.

Attending the GEC has been one of the best decisions I have made recently. I gained a handful of knowledge, ideas and inspiration from the  Green School team as well as the participants. I am looking forward to implementing the invaluable knowledge to my project and my daily life.

Lastly, I hope that GEC will continue to educate and inspire more educators and environmentalists from across Indonesia and all over the world to learn the Green School Way. I believe this course could inspire and empower more people be innovative educators and build a strong network of green educators to make our world a better place.