Green Educator Course News – Edgy-Cation

‘Edgy - Cation’ What is on the Edge of our Education?

Green Educator Course November 2017

12 December 2017

“The Green Educator Course focused a lot on how you can push the students to their edge and support them to live their full potential.We recognized that the "edge" is going to be different for each student, and when they hit is also going to vary. I realized while I was standing at edge that it’s not easy to get there but once you reach it , you feel so confident, free and encouraged to make the best out of your life” (Manuel, Green Educator course participant from Germany)

Last month we had 13 participants joining the Green Educator Course themed ‘Edgy-Cation’ which is based on the 12 Permaculture Design principles and focusing on principle number 11 -use the edge and value the marginal’. Our Green Educators were learning about new metaphors of education connected to organic farming. Participants were able to experience activities focusing on preparing the healthy soil, composting and healthy ingredients for food, learning about the seeds to table program and went to do the Subak Walk and joined the Bio-Bus Jalan - Jalan program.

The course allowed all participants to think about the problem they are currently facing in their community or classroom. They encouraged each other to generate the problem in their daily education practice and worked in groups to design a solution for it. Several issues were discussed during the course of how to bring the ‘Green School Way’ to an urban area, how to help students embracing failure, how to create systematic learning from messy situations and how to use local materials and situations as teaching tools. At the end of the course our Green Educator participants presented their solutions to the group. We are sending out a group of inspired Green Educators to the world to make the change in education.

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