Saturday June 14

Plastik Tidak Fantastik Festival

Schedule of Events

12:00pm Festival Begins
Grab some lunch before all the fun workshops begin
1:00pm-3:30pm Workshops + Booths + Silent Auction | Gym – Field – Mepantigan
4:00pm Live Music Starts | Tent
Performances by Navicula Trio, A Conscious Coup
3:20pm   Workshop Students’ Singing & Dancing Performances | Tent
5pm-5:30pm Fundraising Fun-Run | Field
Students signed up for the Fun-Run will be running for 30 minutes around the field as many times as they can to raise money for BBPB. Sponsors will donate a set amount of money for each lap that our students run around the field. All students are welcome to join and we will still have sign-ups on the day of the event too. Be sure to look out for students who are running for the cause and sign-up to be their sponsor in support of the team.
5:45pm Trash Fashion Show | Mepantigan
The students in the BBPB group on CORAL Fridays have been working with Ibu Alexa, to create the coolest trends in fashion – all out of TRASH. Come see what funky fashion has been designed with recycled materials.


Make a Green Bag | 1-2pm | 2-3pm
Join Ibu Roma in making your own cool recycled bag made out of cardboard and paper.

Turning T-Shirts to Bags | 1-2pm
Join our friends from WWF to create your own green bag with an old t-shirt

Bead Making with Ibu Kerri | 1-2pm | 2-3pm
Join Ibu Kerri and some women from Safe Childhoods to make beads from recycled magazines.

Painting with Plastic | 1-2pm | 2-3pm | 3-4pm
You’ve never seen old plastic look so good! Join Pak Made Bayak to create fine art paintings with plastic.

Toilet Paper Wall Art | 2-3:30pm
Join our friends from WWF and turn old toilet paper rolls into beautiful wall art!

Plastic Picture Booth - What Catches Your Eye? | 1-3pm
Let's see who can get the craftiest with the same pieces of plastic. Check out this booth to
1. Create a work of art with found plastic items
2. Take a picture
3. Vote on who created the most awesome piece
4. Winner takes home a prize

Face Painting | 1-3:30pm
This is for all the little kids! Come get your face painted and be whatever you want to be - colourful and crazy for the whole day!

Story Time | 1-3:30pm
Do you want to have a little relaxing time? Come to story time! We will be reading great stories about all kinds of subjects. Great for the little kids!

Making Rubber Jewellery | 1-3:30pm
Ever look at a tire and think – I could reuse that? Well we are doing just that during the festival! Join Pat from Oh Waste and get creative while making some awesome rubber jewellery. You can stop by Pat’s table to purchase some goods as well.

Eco-Bali Sorting Challenge | 1-3:30pm
Want to test your knowledge on recycling? Drop in and play some fun games to test your knowledge about recycling and proper sorting.

MEI Kids Activities | 1-3:30pm
Want to help out with the environment and the community? Come and join the group for some fun activities and learning about the environment. MEI will be selling their eco-products as well.  

Trash to Craft | 1-3:30pm
Want to learn how to make recycled toys and goods? Come learn how with Ibu Michelle.  

Create New BBPB Products | 1-3:30pm
Come help us brainstorm and design new Bye Bye Plastic Bag products

We will have lots of great auction items for you to bid on, including vouchers for beautiful villas, relaxing spas and yummy restaurants. All proceeds go to support BBPB.

BBPB Info Booth | ALL DAY
Want to learn more about the amazing organization that has started the BBPB campaign and organized this festival? Come visit the BBPB info booth and meet some of the team. You can also buy amazing BBPB merchandise, which will support the organization.


TENT - Field

Kids Yoga with Bia | 1-1:30pm MS | 1:45-2:15pm EY | 2:30-3pm PS
Come get in all those twisty poses for some fun, flexible, mindfulness. Be sure to come during the right session so the class is age appropriate for you. MS = Middle School (grades 6-8), EY = Early Years (3-6 years old), P = Primary School (grades 1-5)

Capoeira | 1-1:45pm | 2-2:45pm

This Brazilian martial art combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. Come check out this workshop to see how it’s done.

Discover Your Voice | 2-3pm
If you can talk - you can sing! Come discover your voice at this awesome singing workshop with Ibu Melanie Jones, then test your confidence and have some fun performing it on stage later in the day.

Bust-a-Move with Ibu Claire | 2:30-3:30pm
Get your dancing shoes on and your moves in check because Ibu Claire is going to break it down on the dance floor! Learn the dance with the group and perform it on stage together later in the day.


Children’s Theater | 2-2:45pm | 2:45-3:30pm
Come learn to play and act on stage with Erlinda.

Qi Kong for Adults | 1-2:30pm
Come experience the ancient healing practice developed in China over 5,000 years with the wonderful Erlinda.

Salsa for Adults | 1:30-2:30pm
We have some fun dancing classes for adults too - come learn to shake those hips and salsa.

African Dance | 2:30-3:30pm

MEI Adventure JGI
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Bali Bird Freak Green Camp WWF MEI Begawan Foundation Casa Luna Bye Bye Plastic Bag

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