Upcoming Courses

The Foundation Programme

Green Educator Course provides the professional development opportunities to hone the skills and knowledge of educators. In this course, you will learn how your ideas of sustainability affect the ideas of quality teaching and learning and how your ideas of Education for Sustainability demands new ways of teaching and learning at the same time. A diverse network of educators and sense of community is created through this fully immersive program, balancing the elements of intrapersonal, social-emotional, intellectual, cultural and of course, fun!

The next courses are:

What is in the programme?

  • Relevant talks and presentations
  • Interactive workshops 
  • Experience on concrete projects
  • Classroom observation
  • Mindfulness and reflection times
  • Panel discussion
  • Networking opportunities
  • Gardening, cooking, yoga, nature walks/hike
  • Games, traditional & cultural activities and performances

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine the difference between a conventional and wall-less paradigm of education
  • Describe models and strategies used to guide Education for Sustainability 
  • Acquire the understandings and sustainability tools to develop a plan to implement new models and strategies into your practice
  • Learn how to relate experiential education as a key approach to student-centered learning for a sustainable future
  • Engage to a local and global network of educators around the world who are committed to student-centered, holistic learning and Education for Sustainability to continue support and encourage idea-sharing

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