Past Events

The Green Educator Course

Wall-Less-Ness: Feb 2016/May 2016/June 2016/August 2016

The Wall-less-ness 5/7-day course focused on discovering what the building blocks in education are at Green School. Participants explored the concept of permeating walls in education as part of the commitment to allow for deep, meaningful, fun learning to happen. They got the chance to meet other educators and, fine- tune and reflect on what it is really like to have a wall-less classroom of students from all around the world at every conceivable level of readiness

The Development of a GS Child: From Early Years to High School : May 2014/Feb 2015/April 2015/November 2015

The course focused entirely on Education for Sustainability in all different levels in Education. Teachers explored the meaning of green and sustainable as they relate to education, community and enterprise and reflect on deep integration within their own community of learners.

2013: A Focus on Early Years & Primary Education

This week of Professional Development focused on the best practice and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) -> change in Education for Sustainability (EfS) for Early Years and Primary Education at Green School, Bali